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What is the Sludge in my Home Heating Oil Tank Anyway? - Oilex

What is the Sludge in my Home Heating Oil Tank Anyway?

To be straight to the point, the sludge in your tank is a mixture of rust, microorganisms, and leftover oil at the bottom of your heating oil tank. This sludge is created from condensation being formed on the inside of the tank, and this condensation slowly causes rust on the inside of your heating oil tank. Slowly but surely, all of this rust and water settles at the bottom of your tank. This area consisting of water and rust is a hotbed for microorganisms which feed off of the rust and the water and create the sediment that we call 'sludge.'

Is this Due to my Home Heating Oil Supplier Being Dodgy and Cheap?

While this is a common misconception, this isn't always the case. It's just something that occurs when you have a heating oil tank, and sadly enough you're going to have to deal with this issue every so often. But do remember that we did say, this isn't always the case, always deal with reputable companies to ensure that you're getting the product that you paid for. It isn't worth 3 cents per gallon when you're going to ruin your entire home heating burner in the process.

How do I Try to Prevent It?

As said before, it's not something you can entirely prevent. But there are some ways to make sure that this sludge is never a problem.

This is the difference between a filter that can save you money, and a filter that can cost you money. Change your filters yearly.

By following these tips, you can protect your home heating system from sludge and keep it running efficiently. Don't wait any longer to ensure your home stays warm and cozy during the colder months. Order high-quality, affordable home heating oil from Oilex Fuel of New York today! Experience our easy-to-use website, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service. Order now and see the Oilex difference!

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