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Same day delivery may be available in your area today. For same day delivery, you must call 516-333-2703 to confirm and order by phone.

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I understand that if I am out of oil and my system needs to be primed or serviced the unit will not start unless it is primed. You must be home at time of delivery. There may be an additional service fee to prime and start your system. Please call our office if you require this service.

I confirm that my oil tank, oil lines, oil tank piping and vent alarm are free of defects or leakage & oil tank is in operational conditions. Customer should inspect oil tank and connecting piping periodically to assure that the tank remains in serviceable condition. Homeowner/Customer is responsible for the operation and serviceability of the the oil tank & connecting piping.

Customer is responsible for clean-up costs in the event of leaking tanks.

You must be home at time of delivery for us to prime and start your unit. Delivery will be Monday,Wednesday, or friday, in the summer.In the winter oil will be delivered every day.

Your transaction, personal information and credit card number will be secure and encrypted. You will be charged for the amount of gallons ordered. A receipt will be left at your house at the time of delivery.

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