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Who is Oilex Heating?

Who is Oilex Heating?

Oilex Heating is a family owned and operated business, operating in the Long Island area for the past three generations. We’ve been providing cozy homes to the residents of Long Island, and we’ve only provided the best service.

We were one of the first companies on Long Island to allow for our customers to see our prices online and to order online. Transparency and ease of ordering is one of the many pluses of using Oilex for your home heating oil needs.

What areas does Oilex Heating Serve?

We serve the home heating oil needs of those in Nassau County and parts of queens. If you have any questions regarding our service area, you can checkout our Delivery Area or call our office at (516)-333-2703 to ask any questions at any time.

Why Oilex Heating?

We provide the cheapest and highest quality Home Heating Oil on the Island, find us a price from a competitor and we’ll beat them out in price and service! We also provide contracts to ensure your heater is running top-notch all the time.

We’ve been a trusted and reputable name in the Long Island community for generations, we’re not a fly by night company that’s going to take advantage of you.

We’ll always ensure that our home heating oil is as clean as possible. We know that using cheaper oil (with nasty BIOFUEL) destroys your tank, this is why we use the lowest amount allowed by law. Check out our write up on home heating oil sludge to learn about the dangers of ordering from those ‘cheaper’ companies that will COST YOU.

Our highly trained staff will ensure that you get the best service, at a highly competitive price. Contact us today!

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